Winding Down

Thanks for visiting our site. For the last thirteen years, we have made small but steady progress, educating and installing worm bin systems at schools, businesses, and institutions. More than thirty five sites now engage in daily recycling of food and organic waste using our simple approach. In 2016 alone, we introduced complete worm bin systems to seven more schools in our county. Our website has actually lagged behind in reporting the good we have accomplished over the years.

Over the last few years, we have utilized the services of the North Coast Resource Development and Conservation Council to help manage the grants that allow us to continue this work. Commonly known as a fiscal sponsor, the organization has provided us legal status to operate and continue our good work.

This year, The Compost Club will become a project under the umbrella of the North Coast Resource Conservation and Development Council.

This website will likely wind down as the process becomes complete.

We’ve appreciated the opportunities to share our knowledge all these years, and will continue to practice our skills on the farms, schools, and homes where compost happens.

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