The Compost Club began as a project at West Side School in 2003. The school needed a volunteer to coordinate recycling efforts at lunch.

That year, the founder started a vermiculture system to handle 900lbs. of food scraps previously headed to the landfill. It fundamentally changed how waste was handled. The compost produced was sold as a fundraiser for environmental education. The upper grade classes drove the program. Young recycling leaders started to come out of the woodwork.

Since then , nearly a dozen schools and businesses have initiated a site wide vermicompost system through our assistance.  In 2013, we are currently reorganizing, and plan to reinstate our nonprofit status. In addition to our school-based programs, we will launch a farm-based model to recycle organic waste at a local dairy operation.

Some key accomplishments of our efforts to date:

  • Raised over $25,000 in grant money to start compost programs at sponsored school sites
  • Helped schools raise over $8,000 in Compost Sales
  • Introduced and instructed  500 educators about composting
  • Visited more than 75 classrooms with our “Recycling Changes Everything” talk
  • Built and installed more than a dozen compost systems at school and business sites
  • Provided free consulting to high tech, university, retreat centers, and food industry establishments
  • Diverted nearly 200,000 lbs. of food scraps
  • Earn our own unofficial carbon offset estimated at nearly 50 tons, from composting
  • Continue to present trainings for university courses, and the Master Gardener program
  • Completed a business project plan for vermicompost production at an organic dairy.

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