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The Compost Club promotes and shares information to create compost systems sufficient in size and type to handle food scraps and organic waste for a school, site, or business. Our links to sites below provide educator and learner resources related to composting.

UC Master Gardeners Worm Composting Brochure

Putting Worms to Work and Keeping them Happy

Newsletters produced in the past by The Compost Club
January Highlights (2007)
Spring Highlights (2007)
Government Sponsored websites- Statistics and interesting facts
Cal Recycle
City of Santa Rosa Compost and Biosolids Approach
Basic to advanced Worm Bin Construction
Rubbermaid Bin #1 Whatcom County -Simple Worm Bin Specs
Rubbermaid Bin #2 Oregon Soil Corporation Junior Reactor
Tutorial Websites and Guides of Interest
Florida Online Compost Center and Tutorials (beginner to intermediate education)
Earthworm Library
Online resources about composting
Cornell University Waste Management Institute (Clearinghouse for Information)
Klickitat County Compost Mix Calculator (fine tune your C:N mix for your compost piles)
Councils and Press
BioCycle Magazine – JG Press
US Composting Council
Sonoma County Waste Management Agency  -commercial composting pilot projects:
1997-1998 Sonoma County Commercial Compost Pilot Study (Composting at Food Establishments)
1998-1999 Sonoma County Commercial Compost Pilot Study (Composting at Food Establishments)
2000 Rohnert Park Commercial Compost Study (Composting at Food Establishments)
Examples of Commercial Composting in operation
A few examples around the globe
Cal Recycle Business Success Stories and Videos
Examples of vermicomposting around the globe
Get a degree in  Soil Ecology
Ohio State University Soil Lab

Research findings on Vermicompost

Application rates for vermicompost


Books and K-12 Resources to learn and educate others about vermicomposting (and composting)
Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Applehof
The Worm Cafe by Binet Payne
The Worm Book by Loren Nancarrow and Janet Hogan Taylor
The Compost Book by Mike McGrath
K-12 Resource Corner
SF Dept. of the Environment- Teachers Lounge
SF Dept. of the Environment Worm Education Packet
Davis School District’s RISE program
Get Paid to Recycle at your school (TerraCycle)
K-3 media and videos:
Vermi The Worm
Recycle Rex
Middle and High School media and videos:
Adventures of KAB Man (Keep America Beautiful)- Edgy
Iron Eyes Cody- “The Crying Indian”
Climate: A Crisis Averted Video (futuristic video)
K-12 Lesson Plans
Marin County Office of Waste Management Composting Across the Curriculum
Worms Eat Our Garbage (classroom activities) by Mary Applehof
Farm and Agriculture
ATTRA vermicomposting overview
On Farm Composting Handbook (scanned pages of a key Farm Scale Reference Book) (professional and industry composting)
Manual of on Farm Vermicomposting and Vermiculture
Agricultural Composting – crops, diseases, mortalities
Effective Pathogen suppression for Sudden Oak Death
Vine Mealy Bug elimination in Winery Waste
Composting animal mortalities
Generating Electricity & Cooking Fuels via Anaerobic Digestion of Compostable materials
Biogas Library
Biogas Digesters in Central America (Sustainable Harvest International)
Biogas System Plan
Biogas Explained- by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
Biogas Systems Explained in Nepal (FAO)

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