Top Video picks

10 Short Videos to watch tonight

1.Worms moving through food scraps (Brad Herring): Compost Your Scraps

2. Watch a Cocoon Hatch (Flowerfield Enterprises):

3. Cool the Planet (Renew USA): Climate: A crisis averted

4. 1970′s Pollution PSA(Keep America Beautiful): The Crying Indian

5. Superheroes (Keep America Beautiful): The Adventures of KAB Man (PG-13)

6.  PBS Growing a Greener World: The Power of Worms (Sonoma Valley Worm Farm) Episode 112

7. BA tractor implement invented at Bernier Farms - Compost Turner

8. Dr. Nicholas Smith-Sebasto, Montclair University’s  Food Scrap Composting with a BW Organics Drum

9. Composting at the White House on “West Wing Week”

10. Dirt-The Movie, 2009 Winner Sundance Independent Films,  The Movie Trailer

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